“The free use of materials, even those already manufactured and meant to be specific objects, the deliverance from the use they were supposedly made for, and altering thus the obvious reality are constants in my work.

Beyond dogmas or tendencies, I carry out my work from a constant observation game that doesn’t overlook the found object when elevating it to unique-piece category but reaches all its wholeness through the work performed through the accumulation of materials and similar objects.

I’m particularly interested in the human obsession of constantly interfering with everything in order to redo it so it comforts our supposed measure and the explanations we tell ourselves to do so. Thus the high degree of subjectivity surrounding the terms ordered-unordered has turned out to be an ongoing theme in my work, as though there’s always been a parallel or hidden path through which I had unwittingly gone through.

In the Universe through which that path goes through I seek out the conciliation between otherwise antagonist concepts, and this travel becomes a journey from chaos to order or from the predictable to the random in a continuous attempt to make fractal and euclidean geometries coexist naturally”

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